Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Kent, WA Clinic’s Clean Website Just like in other forms of marketing, in chiropractic online marketing, there are established truisms and golden rules, and then there are a few ideas that seem to go against the grain and disprove some of these common ideas. In most cases, marketers can agree on […]

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Gig Harbor, WA DC Goes Beyond Headlines When individual web readers are looking for information on chiropractic care, they often seek out practice pages where they can see doctors talking directly to them. There are many lines of thought behind this – some people want some kind of evidence that the doctor is […]

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: South Carolina DC Puts It In Her Own Words It’s kind of amazing to a lot of consultants and experts in online marketing that more businesses don’t take steps to personalize their web content. That said, there are a lot of chiropractic offices across the country that do nothing online but […]

 Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Texas Chiro’s Testimonials People from all walks of life and all parts of the business world are used to thinking of the testimonial as something that customers do. The prevailing idea is that having someone promote their own business through testimonials seems somehow shady or less than genuine. However, there is […]

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Oklahoma Chiro & Testimonials As we’ve said many times, it’s often nice to come across something unique as you browse chiropractic web sites. Those who may have a spinal condition, or know that they might need care, will start to browse web sites in their area and look through top-level pages, […]