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Personal Injury Telemarketing, PI TelemarketingAccident Referral Network provides a tangible and trackable return on investment with our intuitive Personal Injury Telemarketing Program. Our personal injury telemarketing service uses chiropractic telemarketing to identify anyone who has been involved in a recent car accident. Accident Referral Network qualifies every personal injury patient to ensure that all PI patients we generate for your clinic have sustained and are currently experiencing symptoms of pain and soreness due to their recent auto accident.

Our Personal Injury Telemarketing campaigns generate a variety of patients including third-party, personal injury protection and med-pay patients. Our Personal Injury Telemarketing programs are completely full-service which means there is absolutely nothing required of you or your staff to ensure that our Personal Injury Telemarketing campaigns are an instantly successful marketing solution for your chiropractic clinic. We even provide consultation for you and your staff to ensure our Personal Injury Telemarketing Program makes a smooth transition into your clinic.

Here are the basic nuts and bolts of our Personal Injury Telemarketing Program:

Personal injury telemarketing chiropractic guarantee

We Guarantee Your Results!

Accident Referral Network stands confidently behind our processes and systems. We guarantee our production for every chiropractic clinic we provide personal injury telemarketing services for. We know what it takes to be successful we greatly exceed our production guarantees for clinics we provide personal injury telemarketing services for every month.

Legality and Compliance

Accident Referral Network adheres to all Federal Do Not Call provisions, ensuring the legal integrity of all our Personal Injury Telemarketing campaigns. We also make certain that our Personal Injury Telemarketing campaigns adhere to each state’s chiropractic board rules and regulations. Accident Referral Network does not engage in any misleading, deceptive or fraudulent representation including but not limited to saying we are affiliated with an insurance company or any governmental institution. Click Here for more detailed information on Legality and Compliance Page.

Quaified Personal Injury Patients

Accident Referral Network’s Personal Injury Telemarketing Program only produces MVA patients who have verbally indicated they have sustained injuries that are significant enough to warrant chiropractic treatment. Accident Referral Network maintains a hands-off policy once the patient has arrived for their appointment at a chiropractic clinic and has absolutely zero monetary interest in any patient’s course of treatment, or in any referrals made to any additional service providers or business entities after the patients initial appointment.

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Still Have Questions?

Please visit our F.A.Q.Page for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our Personal Injury Telemarketing Program. Take a different look at our PI Telemarketing services by visiting us here:



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