Accident Referral Network Chiropractic Marketing and Telemarketing


Accident Referral Network has provided exclusive Chiropractic Marketing Services since 2001 and works with chiropractic clinics across the world. The founders of Accident Referral Network found a home with call centers and translated their passion for mass communication to the chiropractic industry. Running a highly specialized chiropractic call center is a task we take great pleasure in.


Accident Referral Network’s Personal Injury Telemarketing Programis still our most popular chiropractic marketing program. We have generated countless personal injury patients for chiropractic clinics across the country that are seeing tremendous ROI from our chiropractic marketing services every month.

Accident Referral Network has recently added Chiropractic Website Design to its cannon of services. We employ a full time staff of designers but the hallmark of our service rests in developing websites that serve as a marketing tools that drives patient traffic to your clinic. We believe your website should not just be an extension of your clinic’s image and services but should also be a solution that works with you to generate new patients. Our Chiropractic Website design packages include search engine optimization for personal injury orientation and non-personal injury oriented chiropractic clinics. Please visit our Chiropractic Website Design page for more information on how we can help your chiropractic clinic create an affordable website solution that exceeds your expectations in both design and action.

Accident Referral Network has recently added another targeted and professional chiropractic telemarketing channel. We now offer our Patient Reactivation Telemarketing Program, which is designed to capitalize on the profitability of a clinic’s inactive patients. Every Chiropractic Clinic has inactive patients who, when marketed to effectively through response-driven telemarketing channels can often be happily reintroduced back into your chiropractic clinic environment. Patient Reactivation Telemarketing yields a far more profitable response than more apathetic Patient Reactivation Marketing channels such as letters, emails, and postcards. Please visit our Patient Reactivation Telemarketing Program page for a more thorough analysis of how our assertive telemarketing services can help you tap into the profitability of your inactive patients.

Accident Referral Network has just added Patient Builder Telemarketing services for chiropractors. All production is qualified and guaranteed as with all our chiropractic telemarketing services. Give your clinic the big boost you are looking for by generating qualified new chiropractic patients within your local community.


Set your sights on great things, because we are. We are taking our love for mass communication to new heights in the chiropractic industry. Throughout 2013 we will be unveiling brand new personal injury marketing campaigns. Stay tuned to learn and participate in excited new marketing programs to capture personal injury patients in your community.


The world of personal injury marketing is a gritty world indeed. Accident Referral Network is very assertive when it comes to generating personal injury patients for our clients however we believe in being ethical along the way.

Accident Referral Network is interested in building long-term personal injury marketing solutions for the clients we serve which is why we are not interested in working with clinics for one or two months.

Marketing is very much a numbers game however the skill, talent, and track record that Accident Referral Network brings to the table triumphs over popular spray and pray marketing techniques which other chiropractic marketing companies employ. We believe in communication we can control. Telemarketing produces a direct response, unlike direct marketing or billboard advertising which depend on a participant’s apathetic response.