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Personal Injury Telemarketing


Personal Injury telemarketing pi marketing

As years go by we have ran into many common questions about our Personal Injury Telemarketing Program. As such we have put together a list of answers to some of our frequently asked questions for your benefit.

How Much Profit Can I Expect?

Our clients see a substantial return on investment with our Personal Injury Telemarketing Program. Exact results vary based on a number of different criteria including population, geography, demographics, number of accidents, clinic processes, treatment procedures, etc…

Give us a call today and speak with our sales staff. They will be able to pinpoint a reasonable expectation of return.

How Many Personal Injury Patients Will I See Each Month?

Production varies from clinic to clinic each based on the same variables addresses in the answer to the question above. We currently provide Personal Injury Telemarketing services for chiropractic clinics who see as many as 30-35 Personal Injury Patients each month from our services while other clinics see as few as 4-6 per month. Again, production varies based on a variety of different variables.

Is There Anything That Is Required From My Clinic?

No.  Our Personal Injury Telemarketing Program is an end-to-end full service marketing solution which requires no follow-up or assistance from you or your staff.

Do You Offer Guarantees?

Yes, we offer guarantees with every Personal Injury Telemarketing Campaign. Please speak with a sales agent for more details.

Do You Have References?

Yes, we have references. We have many happy chiropractic clients who would be happy to speak about our services, production and results.

Do You Offer Bulk Pricing Discounts?

Yes, we are happy to extend pricing discounts for your commitment to our Personal Injury Telemarketing program. We have many clients take advantage of this. Call  for details.

Do You Provide Exclusivity?

Yes. We don’t compete with the success of our clients, and we honor exclusivity for many reasons. If we added clinics to our marketing program who are located right in your back yard, we would water down the results and value of what we have to offer. We are interested in working with our clients indefinitely — not for just a single month. We operate with integrity on all levels and protect the value of your return with our Personal Injury Telemarketing Program.

Do You Follow State Chiropractic Rules?

Yes, we strictly abide by the state chiropractic rules and regulations that govern the clients we serve.

Do You Abide By Federal Telemarketing Regulations?

Yes. Our Personal Injury Telemarketing Program adheres to federal telemarketing regulations.

Do You Offer Consulting?

Yes. We do not charge for consulting but we do include a brief orientation for all new clients who participate in our Personal Injury Telemarketing Program. Our aim is to continue working with your chiropractic clinic indefinitely. As such, we want to make sure our Personal Injury Telemarketing program is a profitable addition to your clinic and also that it makes a smooth transition for your staff.

During this orientation you will learn how our office will communicate with your office when patients are scheduled. We will discuss tools and techniques current clients use to maximize patient retention and profitability. We offer solutions and suggestions to the most common situations you may encounter with our Personal Injury Telemarketing Program.

For additional information, click here.

Will Personal Injury Telemarketing Work In My City?

There are a number of different factors which drive patient production with our Personal Injury Telemarketing Program. Geography and demographics are two solid indicators the staff at Accident Referral Network can use to judge the potential health of your Personal Injury Telemarketing Campaign. By comparing similar cities and analyzing a few precise markers Accident Referral Network will not only be able to intelligently asses the worth and benefit of our Personal Injury Telemarketing Program in your city but also identify expected production levels. Give us a call today and our friendly staff can help you with some of these questions.

Can I Refer the MVA Patients to PI Attorneys In My Area?

Yes! We hope that you do because referring Personal Injury Patients you receive from Accident Referral Network is an easy way to double the number of patients you treat each month. The smartest chiropractic clinics that we work with understand and capitalize of every personal injury patient opportunity they receive. Personal Injury Attorneys should always refer patients back to you if you refer patients to them. Maximize your results and create two MVA patient streams with our Personal Injury Telemarketing Program today!

For additional information, click here.

Do You Refer Patients To Other Service Providers?

No. Accident Referral Network maintains a strict hands-off policy with every patient once they have arrived for their appointment in your chiropractic clinic. Accident Referral Network has no vested monetary interest in the extent, length of, or type of treatment provided to any of the patients we generate. We are not chiropractors; we are just a service provider. Accident Referral Network will only refer patients to your chiropractic clinic. We have no vested interest in any referrals made on behalf of chiropractic clinics to other service providers, business entities or medical professionals. Once the patient has arrived for their initial appointment, they are your patient.

Where Can I Find More Information About Your Services?

Accident Referral Network has recently launched their .info domain which houses a video describing our Personal Injury Telemarketing Services. For more information please visit Additionally the Accident Referral Network maintains satellite web pages loacted at the following web addresses:;; and Make sure you check out our other pages for occasional program discounts!