Legality and Compliance


Accident Referral Network maintains compliance at Federal and State Levels with all Personal Injury and Chiropractic Telemarketing services we offer. Because telemarketing rules and chiropractic rules and regulations vary from state to state, our legal department researches the legality of every service we provide in every area.

Accident Referral Network utilizes strong salesmanship as the backbone to our successful chiropractic telemarketing services. Accident Referral Network does not falsely claim throughout the course of any solicitation to be affiliated with any insurance company or governmental agency. Accident Referral Network qualifies potential chiropractic patients based strictly on their verbal acknowledgement of pain or soreness which may warrant chiropractic treatment.

Our Personal Injury and Chiropractic Telemarketing Programs are strictly regulated through training, processes and procedures. Accident Referral Network maintains recordings of every phone call that is placed for a period of ninety (90) days. Our Human Resources Department routinely grades calls that are placed every day for compliance and more.

Accident Referral Network maintains a strict “No Fraud” policy. We do not condone any fraudulent activity in connection with any chiropractic patients generated from any services we offer. Accident Referral Network reserves the right to terminate services at any time if we suspect that a client is engaging in fraudulent activity including but not limited to exaggerating the severity of injuries, creating and documenting injuries that do not exist, or billing for services that were not rendered.

Accident Referral Network refers each prospect to only one chiropractor. Accident Referral Network maintains a strict hands-off policy with every chiropractic patient produced and makes no further contact once the patient has arrived for their initial appointment. Accident Referral Network has no vested monetary interest in the length of, type, direction or course of treatment for any patient generated from our marketing efforts. Additionally, Accident Referral Network has no vested interest, monetary or otherwise, in any patient referrals which may or may not be made on behalf of chiropractic clinics to other service providers, business entities or medical professionals.

Accident Referral Network is just a chiropractic marketing service provider.