Patient Reactivation Telemarketing


Patient Reactivation TelemarketingPatient Reactivation Telemarketing is the most effective way to reactivate inactive chiropractic patients. Because Telemarketing is a more assertive direct response marketing channel it accomplishes a number of things that passive forms of chiropractic advertising simply cannot such as the ability to answer questions, overcome objections, and create value and need.

Using lists provided by your clinic our Call Center will reach out to your inactive patient using specific and successful strategies to reinvigorate the relationships with your inactive patients. Our Patient Reactivation Telemarketing Program is a full service call-center based campaign designed to reintroduce inactive patients back into your clinic.

You’re Losing Money!

If you don’t have patient reactivation marketing channels in place for your clinic that operate on a consistent basis then you are losing money as we speak. Accident Referral Network’s Patient Reactivation Telemarketing program is designed to rekindle, reconnect, and reintroduce your patients into your clinic. We have worked with chiropractors for long enough to understand that Patient Reactivation marketing is on the proverbial “To Do List” but rarely sees the light of day. Why? Simply put, it been our observation that most chiropractic clinics focus on what they specialize in which is treating patients and not marketing to them. Lack of time, lack of priority, being too busy – they are all factors which procrastinate a good doctor’s “To Do List” to infinity.

How much is a missed appointment at your clinic worth? Let’s say $50. How many inactive patients do you have? If we reactivated 100 patients for your clinic that came in for four visits that’s $20,000 in liquid revenue.

Guaranteed Results

Just like every telemarketing campaign provided by the Accident Referral Network we instill confidence in your first step with us by guaranteeing your results. Chiropractors across the country come to the Accident Referral Network every day and have come to expect qualified, targeted results that are guaranteed. 

Customized Scripts

Accident Referral Network’s world-class psychologically crafted scripts will be used for your Patient Reactivation Telemarketing campaign but we will make sure your input is also included so your clinic is represented precisely the way you would like it to be to your local community.

Clinic Orientation

We care about your results and are interested in creating indefinite relationships with the clinics we provide services for which is why we provide a complimentary clinic orientation with every Patient Reactivation Telemarketing program. The goal of our complimentary clinic orientation is to make sure that our program makes a smooth and profitable transition into your clinic environment. Accident Referral Network also provides valuable consulting designed to show you how you keep the patients we reintroduce into your clinic.

It’s time to dust off your inactive patient files and call us today!

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