Patient Reactivation Telemarketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Accident Referral Network’s Patient Reactivation Marketing Channels are a bold and assertive solution to your inactive patients. What follows are answers to some of our most commonly asked questions about our Patient Reactivation Marketing Programs:

Do I Have To Provide You With A List Of My Inactive Patients?

Yes, our staff needs a list of all your inactive patients, along with their contact information so we can perform our different Patient Reactivation Marketing channels.

Is There A Specific File Format Your Need The List To Be In?

No. Any spreadsheet friendly format is always preferred, however we are happy to accept your inactive patient data in whatever format you have and is easiest for you.

How Many Patients Can I Expect Will Be Successfully Activated?

Accident Referral Network sees a very strong and promising response with our Patient Reactivation Telemarketing and Patient Reactivation Marketing Programs. Actually results vary depending on the accuracy and age of your inactive patient list however. We see the most immediate results from our Patient Reactivation Telemarketing Program, which is designed to be the most assertive vehicle for bringing your inactive patients back into the doors of your clinic.

Are Your Patient Reactivation Marketing Programs Full Service?

Yes, Accident Referral Network’s Patient Reactivation Marketing channels are designed to be a full-service marketing channel requiring absolutely zero help from your staff. Just get ready to see some familiar faces in your chiropractic clinic again!

Do You Offer Consultation For My Office Staff With Your Patient Reactivation Marketing Programs?

Yes, Accident Referral Network offers a brief consultation to your and your staff with every Patient Reactivation Marketing Channel we provide so we can ensure you get the most from your Patient Reactivation Marketing Campaign. We will provide you and your staff with the essential tools you need to retain your newly activated chiropractic patients indefinitely. We will show you how to establish yourself as a lifetime  chiropractic provider with every patient you treat.

Do You Offer Pricing Discounts With You Patient Reactivation Marketing Programs?

Yes. We do offer discounts for our Patient Reactivation Marketing programs. Accident Referral Network realizes just as much as you do the necessity of Patient Reactivation Marketing as a staple of your chiropractic marketing efforts and we are happy to work with chiropractors who are interested in increasing patient retention and recovering inactive patients. Call us today and explore our different program levels and options.

Can You Provide Me With An Accurate and Updated Patient List For My Clinic?

Yes. Accident Referral Network will provide your clinic with updated and accurate information at the end of every patient reactivation marketing campaign. When the contact information for your inactive patients has changed Accident Referral Network will update your database when possible with the new, correct information. Removing bad information is an essential actively for better performance in your future marketing campaigns.