Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Kent, WA Clinic’s Clean Website

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Kent, WA Clinic’s Clean Website

arnlogo2Just like in other forms of marketing, in chiropractic online marketing, there are established truisms and golden rules, and then there are a few ideas that seem to go against the grain and disprove some of these common ideas. In most cases, marketers can agree on the big stuff – for example, in the kind of business reputation handling that businesses do to put their best foot forward. But what about when some kinds of marketing tips contradict others?

You may have always been taught that presentation is key, and that a certain kind of presentation is always best. Neat paragraphs, impeccable style, bullet points, carefully delineated active voice – all of these are held up as shining examples of marketing best practices.

What About Personal Content?

We’ve seen a ton of sites that are optimized in terms of presentation. But we don’t feel they are ultimately going to get the kind of patient traffic that doctors may want. They’re polished and stylish, but they’re empty in certain ways. They lack direct doctor engagement. They lack a personal style.

By contrast, some of the best chiropractic blogs that we’ve seen have some presentational issues. They may not be optimized with bullet points, etc. Someone who’s writing may spell a word wrong or misplace a piece of punctuation.

Although this may seem, on the face of it, to be a mistake, a lot of experienced marketers would say that this is okay, that it’s more than okay. The reason is because people who want this kind of care often want to see ‘humans at the wheel.’ They want to see content directly reference doctors and staff. They want doctors to write to them. If they want generic, canned articles that could represent any practice in the country, they can find them at hundreds and hundreds of sites that simply syndicate the impeccable kind of content that they think will wow the crowds.

What’s behind this significant disconnect and market shift in online chiropractic marketing? It’s possible that certain companies may be able to show statistics that promote bigger numbers of page views, etc. But you could argue that what they are not likely to provide is evidence that doctors or making true connections over the web. In other words, you could argue that a lot of people who are drawn in by the impeccable generic content have been to some extent ‘tricked’ into relying on practice materials – tricked, you might say, because the content really isn’t unique to a practice all.

Doing Online Chiropractic Marketing Well

There’s another disclaimer here, and that’s that personally created content doesn’t have to be messy. It can still be clean and well presented. For example, take a look at this Baldwin Chiropractic blog from a Kent, Washington practice. Here, personally written content references Drs. Mercola and Baldwin, and is still presented in a clean and grammatically correct way, with neat borders, fonts and other stylistic elements.

Including Personal Injury Telemarketing as an Add-on Feature

Just like with the add-ons and accessories that come with any customized product, professional chiropractors can order additional marketing services, including personal injury telemarketing services from the Accident Referral Network. We can help you get more new patients in the door – ask us about how we’ve helped satisfied single client practices in Washington and beyond.


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