Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Gig Harbor, WA DC Goes Beyond Headlines

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Gig Harbor, WA DC Goes Beyond Headlines

Personal Injury Telemarketing, Accident Referral NetworkWhen individual web readers are looking for information on chiropractic care, they often seek out practice pages where they can see doctors talking directly to them. There are many lines of thought behind this – some people want some kind of evidence that the doctor is engaged in his or her practice and reaching out to potential patients. Others figure that if the doctor took the time and effort to write about chiropractic issues, he or she is knowledgeable enough to be a quality provider. Whatever the cause, practices do well to include personal and directly written content that addresses readers. How to do this is the bigger question, and specific strategies really depend on what practice is trying to say, and how it’s trying to frame the services that it provides.

Chiropractic Blog Text

Many readers are willing to go beyond a blog post headline, especially if it’s on a topic that they care about. Lots of smart chiropractors include a variety of posts about common conditions, holistic health, local events and community issues, and more, using text written directly by doctors to fill these pages. One of the tricks or obstacles here is that it can be hard for readers to discern which practices are creating there in content from just a quick glance at a blog roll. Take this example from Gruber Chiropractic in Gig Harbor, Washington. The top page for this blog contains titles that could be uniquely written, or somewhat generic. Readers have to click in to see just how well this content represents the practice. One of the more recent posts is titled “Ideal Protein.” Here, the doctor talks about a particular kind of dietary supplement that was apparently developed by a French doctor, and can provide some interesting results for overall fitness and wellness. Throughout the blog post, you can see the kinds of signs that indicate the doctor is talking directly about his practice. “All of my staff have been on it,” writes Dr. Gruber, “And have been amazed by the transformations of their bodies. Most of their results have been similar to mine.” He also notes his first thoughts about Ideal Protein and how they have changed. “I was skeptical about this program working as they claim; so quickly and without me being hungry, but I tried it and its true. The first couple of days were tough but after my body went though the initial carb withdrawals I felt energized and not hungry. What impressed me about this program were its claims of fast results that could be reasonably maintained.” Resources like this are a good way to reach out to all of those people who visit the chiropractic site. Doctors have to keep in mind that visiting a site isn’t an automatic process where certain number of people are likely to convert to being new patients. Instead, a site has to interest and engage people and get them closer to contacting the practice.

Personal Injury Telemarketing Options

Unlike online marketing, personal injury telemarketing works in a proactive way. Where doctors have to ‘fish’ for patients online as described above, the skilled and experienced personal injury telemarketing teams at the Accident Referral Network can reach out to the local accident victims to direct them toward your practice. Talk to us about additional resources for professional chiropractor offices.


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