Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Oklahoma Chiro & Testimonials

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Oklahoma Chiro & Testimonials

Personal Injury Telemarketing, Accident Referral NetworkAs we’ve said many times, it’s often nice to come across something unique as you browse chiropractic web sites. Those who may have a spinal condition, or know that they might need care, will start to browse web sites in their area and look through top-level pages, as well as blogs and meet the doctor pages, to get an idea of what kinds of businesses are in their communities and what’s available for professional spinal adjustments and other services.

What readers usually find is kind of a mixed bag. They find a lot of very generic and syndicated web sites where the doctors and staff aren’t really adding much at all. This can make readers feel like they’re staring at a brick wall, or trying to climb their way up a glass surface. On the other hand, they can come across interesting and novel ways to market chiropractic services online.

Taking a Gamble on Testimonials

One of the big fundamentals in chiropractic marketing is the testimonial. Some of the more adventurous doctors will open up the doors to providing patients a space to write directly about the business, with the understanding that they will not control what is said 100%. In many cases, doctors have already done some market research to try to assure themselves that most of the responses will be positive. Using testimonials pays off big when it works, because there is no better way to market something than to show the direct opinions of satisfied customers. The downside is that any negative comments will take away from that practice’s popularity and suppress the word-of-mouth traffic that is so important to any business.

Interesting Testimonial Results

For an example of mostly positive but somewhat curious testimonial results, take a look at this web site for Northside Family Chiropractic in a town called Owasso, OK. Here, the practice has allowed direct posts by patients in a ‘review’ page filled with neat endorsements of the practice, with many thank yous, exclamation points, and phrases like “great job!” Patients say these things in many ways, from the boilerplate to the more eloquently idiosyncratic, i.e.: “Always come away feeling fixed.”

Up toward the top, in a January comment, you have an anonymous poster with a short and sweet response, the type of thing you usually associate with newspaper or broadcasting reporters: ‘no comment.’

It’s hard to tell if somebody actually wrote that, or whether that’s the program’s default for the review page. However, it sticks out and kind of a funny way, amid of all of the other glowing testimonials. What it doesn’t do is take away from the resoundingly positive response that this page demonstrates for the individual practice.

Regardless of one poster’s reticence, the overall effect of this sort of free testimonial page is a positive one for practice. This type of result can help to generate more online attention and more new patient traffic as people get comfortable with contacting a business that’s already gotten so much positive endorsement.

Adding Personal Injury Telemarketing Services to Multichannel Programs

Even the best web sites don’t always deliver the exact kinds of web traffic or new patient traffic that doctors want. The Accident Referral Network, a premier chiropractic telemarketing company, can help. Our personal injury telemarketing services also help chiropractors get more new patients to a practice for building a successful business model. Talk to us about what we can offer your business.


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