Men Pose Higher Risk For Car Accidents Than Women

Are Women “Worse Drivers?” Shift Insurance Data Shows Car Accident Injury Victims More Often Male Some new studies are putting a twist on conventional ideas about what kinds of drivers are most capable, and most dangerous, on the road. A company called Shift Insurance has put together a visual profile of drivers involved in auto […]

Highest Risks for Auto Accidents in Summer

Highest Risks for Serious Auto Accident Injury Mostly In Summer As the nation unwinds from Fourth of July festivities earlier in the month, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is warning consumers that the summer season contains many of the most dangerous days for drivers and passengers on American roads. Just prior to the Fourth […]

DC’s Use Chiropractic Telemarketing

Accident Referral Network receives calls every single day from doctors who are already using chiropractic telemarketing in one form or another to expand and grow their practice. Doctors who reach out to the Accident Referral Network are usually looking for a more stable and consistent solutions. Yes, you can always hire a below average telemarketer off Craigslist […]