DC’s Use Chiropractic Telemarketing

Accident Referral Network receives calls every single day from doctors who are already using chiropractic telemarketing in one form or another to expand and grow their practice. Doctors who reach out to the Accident Referral Network are usually looking for a more stable and consistent solutions. Yes, you can always hire a below average telemarketer off Craigslist […]

You Had A Bad Experience With Another Chiropractic Marketing Company…

We understand. We hear of at least one bad chiropractic marketing experience a DC has had in phone calls each and every week. We understand there are bad companies out there. Accident Referral Network is committed to providing you with all of the information and resources you need to make a healthy, informed and confident […]

PI Telemarketing

If you’ve never used PI Telemarketing for your chiropractic clinic it’s time to give Accident Referral Network a call today at (888) 888-0864. Accident Referral Network has provided legally compliant personal injury telemarketing services for years, and knows exactly what it takes to produce consistent and happy clients. We even guarantee your results, so making […]

Patient Builder Chiropractic Telemarketing Now Offered!

Accident Referral Network is now offering Patient Builder Telemarketing services to chiropractors located in all English speaking countries. Patient Builder Telemarketing is aimed at producing large volumes of new patients within a chiropractors local area. DC’s who come to Accident Referral Network expect and have come to rely on targeted and qualified results, and the […]

Passive vs Active Chiropractic Marketing

Chiropractic Marketing comes in many packages, shapes and sizes, but the smartest chiropractors understand which packages contain the most valuable gifts! Passive Chiropractic Marketing Fails Examples of passive advertising include billboard advertising, yellow pages advertising, direct mail advertising while forms of active advertising include on site demonstrations at fairs, festivals and community events, telemarketing, and […]

Accident Referral Network Expands

Accident Referral Network is proud to expand our marketing coverage to new states and locations this month. Accident Referral Network’s personal injury telemarketing program is far reaching and assists chiropractic clinics by connecting them with profitable pi patients. Because our results are guaranteed making the decision to use our services is typically an easy one. […]

Personal Injury Marketing Analysis

Accident Referral Network interacts with hundreds of chiropractors across the country each week who express a firm interest in expanding their personal injury clinical focus. Accident Referral Network finds in many cases that doctors are literally waiting for auto accident victims to find them. The secret to attracting new MVA patients for your clinic rests […]

AccidentReferralNetwork.info Is Online Now! Check Us Out!

Accident Referral Network is happy to launch our satellite web page discussing our personal injury telemarketing program. To check it out, please visit Http://www.AccidentReferralNetwork.info. The dot info version of our site features a video presentation of our Personal Injury Telemarketing services, along with client testimonials.

Personal Injury Telemarketing Pitfalls

Throughout the years we have seen disappointing tactics and illegal behavior from competitors. These illegal activities include making false claims to be affiliated with an individual’s insurance company to illicit a better response, bribery in the form of gift cards and gas money to illicit a better response, slander, and more. At Accident Referral Network […]

Happy New Year From Accident Referral Network

It’s already a new year and The Accident Referral Network would like to wish you a safe and happy new year. We hope 2013 is replete with chiropractic marketing success and we hope to hear from you too! Accident Referral Network will be rolling out new chiropractic marketing services in 2013 and we can’t wait […]