Passive vs Active Chiropractic Marketing

Chiropractic Marketing

Chiropractic Marketing comes in many packages, shapes and sizes, but the smartest chiropractors understand which packages contain the most valuable gifts!

Passive Chiropractic Marketing Fails

Examples of passive advertising include billboard advertising, yellow pages advertising, direct mail advertising while forms of active advertising include on site demonstrations at fairs, festivals and community events, telemarketing, and even patient surveys. A healthy chiropractic clinic should actively employ both forms of advertising.

Active Chiropractic Marketing Delivers!

Active Chiropractic Marketing presents the distinct opportunity to answer questions and concerns, create sense of urgency, and assertively create new patient opportunities which Passive Chiropractic Marketing will never accomplish. The result is higher conversion and higher profitability.

Take control of your profitability by employing fine tuned chiropractic marketing channels that create the results you want. If you aren’t happy with the number of patients you are seeing then take action to create the results you want, need and expect.

Accident Referral Network is a powerhouse of active chiropractic marketing. Our Personal Injury Telemarketing is designed to connect you with valuable personal injury patients from auto accidents in your local community on a consistent basis. We take an additional step to ensure your success by guaranteeing the results you see from our marketing. Accident Referral Network cares about your results and we know that your success is fundamentally tied into the quality of the relationship we build with your clinic.

If Personal Injury Telemarketing is not the right fit for your chiropractic clinic, then call and ask about our other chiropractic telemarketing services which are designed to create consistent and guaranteed new patient opportunities for your clinic. Just like our personal injury telemarketing program, all of our telemarketing services guarantee your results. You have nothing to lose — just the time it takes to speak with us today to learn how Accident Referral Network can introduce healthy and successful new income opportunities into your clinic. We are ready to speak with you today! (888) 888-0864.