Personal Injury Telemarketing Requires Clinic-wide Cooperation

Accident Referral Network’s Personal Injury Telemarketing program requires clinic-wide understanding and cooperation to ensure you see the most from our services.

Clinics we work with are often accustomed to handling inner-office procedures in a very uniform and static manner. Our Personal Injury Telemarketing program is a highly assertive personal injury marketing solution that, from time to time, will throw curve-balls to your staff and present them with situations they are not accustomed to dealing with.

Fortunately, Accident Referral Network does not just begin generating personal injury patients for chiropractic clinics without some fundamental knowledge, understanding and orientation for our services. Accident Referral Network covers all of the common situations you staff may encounter as we produce personal injury patients for your clinic.

Knowing that the personal injury patients Accident Referral Network generates are worth a substantial amount of money is not enough to ensure our program makes a smooth and profitable transition into your chiropractic clinic. Accident Referral Network employs routine and specific processes for generating personal injury patients and it is not uncommon for your staff to have questions along the way. We want our Personal Injury Telemarketing Program to find a stable and profitable home with you and your staff. To that end we recommend that doctors sit down and talk with their staff members after Accident Referral Network’s orientation to ensure that all staff members are excited and supportive of the new personal injury patients Accident Referral Network will be generating for them. Addressing any misunderstanding and ensuring the staff is on the same page as the doctor will ensure higher patient retention and profitability.

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