Chiropractic Telemarketing Campaign Ideas

Accident Referral Network is first and foremost a full service chiropractic telemarketing call center. We are highly specialized in what we do, and we definitely enjoy sharing targeted chiropractic telemarketing strategies with our clients who are interested in seeing new patients, retaining current patients and reactivating old patients. What follows are two targeted chiropractic telemarketing campaigns which any clinic can employ to bolster new patient acquisition and maintain current patients:

1) Chiropractic Patient Surveys: Knowing how you office is performing with your current patients is a good barometer of your success as a clinic. As long as you are asking your current and past patients the right questions, the information you are able to obtain will help make positive adjustments to your office procedures so you are able to successfully retain more patients.

2) Ailment Chiropractic Telemarketing: Chiropractic Clinics who are able to successfully target and produce patients who suffer from ailments that are treatable by your staff, will have a much better track record with profitability and patient retention. If a patient doesn’t have a need for treatment, while they may appear for an initial exam, they are unlikely to continue with treatment at your chiropractic clinic.

Give us a call and let us know how these two chiropractic telemarketing campaigns performed for your clinic. We would love to hear from you.