Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Australian DC & The World of the Individual Doctor

Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Australian DC & The World of the Individual Doctor

Australia Chiropractic telemarketingWe tend to think of a lot (or all) of online chiropractic marketing as related to the direct connection between the doctor and the patient, but other areas of online outreach focus on other parts of the chiropractic equation. Like other medical services, chiropractic advertising and chiropractic care doesn’t happen in a vacuum. In fact, the context for spinal adjustments and other kinds of chiropractic treatment is even more complex, based on a range of issues within the general medical field. Some of these have to do with pharmacology, as opposed to physical or anatomical approaches. In other words, there is a critique of western medicine that pills are used to the exclusion of other kinds of work, like chiropractic care or adjustment.

Talking About Doctors and Independence

One example of an internal perspective of chiropractic comes from the Rogue Chiropractic blog representing an Australian practitioner, who is apparently an independent doctor talking to other doctors about the need for independent work.

In a blog post titled “Survey – chiropractors and evidence-based practice” from July of this year, the Rogue Chiropractor writes about evidence-based models, asking doctors questions such as the following: “are you free to practice freely using an evidence-based model?”

This survey also asks whether chiropractors have felt “pressured” into taking certain approaches to care “by a practice owner” – this sets up an implicated idea that chiropractors working in groups, or under the auspices of a larger program, may not have the ability to put their own ideas forward and treat patients according to their own care philosophies.

Political and Academic Treatment of Chiropractic

Many of the other posts on this blog go into detail about Australian government agencies or academic boards, and how they treat information around chiropractic care. Much of this information revolves around the struggle to interpret statistical or demographic data, to ‘follow the money’ and to generally see how policy influences chiropractic, and vice versa. These kinds of chiropractic outreach help doctors, but they also help patients understand the debate and controversy that may go on around chiropractic.

An August post focuses on the efforts of the Chiropractic Board of Australia to stop doctors from putting out anti-vaccine messages to patients. Other information also covers the “vaccine debate” that is generating so much controversy, both within the medical community and in public venues.

Using International Chiropractic Telemarketing Services

The chiropractic telemarketing support services offered by the Accident Referral Network can help doctors to navigate a competitive industry. We can help to match a practice message in the context mentioned above, and help doctors get new patient traffic over time. Talk to us about promoting a practice and spreading the word about qualified chiropractic providers.


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