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Seattle Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Looks Like A Duck?

Seattle Personal Injury Telemarketing News

If you’re not new to chiropractic online marketing or general outreach for a chiropractic office, you’ve probably heard a bit about one of the main pressures facing these types of healers. Chiropractic is something commonly regarded as an ‘alternative medicine’ service. Chiropractors have to not only balance patient workloads, financial administration and other duties, but try to respond to some specific criticism from other places in the medical community, or in the public mind.

Doctors do this in many different ways. Many of them appeal to science, using informational resources that show the role of chiropractic within medicine. Chiropractors also often act as a kind of public advocate, talking about lots of the common health issues that affect the average American, and how they can be healed in a holistic way.

Putting Your Cards On the Table

Here’s an example from Seattle, Washington where the Abrams Chiropractic site representing the practice of Dr. Lee Phelps maintains a page where the doctor talks about chiropractic in a somewhat unusual way. The very first word of the page text below the subtitle is the word “quack.”

Dr. Phelps talks about his initial skepticism about chiropractic care. He then talks about chronic health conditions, including allergies, and all of the treatments that he got for this condition Dr. Phelps claims that while numerous medications and other treatments really failed to solve the underlying issue, a spinal adjustment helped quite a bit.

“So, there I was with my “quack” friend, running his hands on my spine and neck.” writes Dr. Phelps. “Several evaluation steps later, my friend felt that there was indeed a “subluxation” in the area of my neck that would potentially control the ability of the internal environment of my body to better remain in balance with my external environment.”

This type of testimony isn’t unusual in chiropractic marketing. Some who look deeply at all of the chiropractic pages that are out there have criticized doctors for having a lot of the same kinds of testimonies on their pages, where they pursue a kind of formulaic approach: pointing out the skepticism in different ways, then going into their own experiences. But regardless of whether you see this as an overly used marketing ploy, testimonies like these do work effectively to show what motivated doctors to become chiropractors, and how they believe in their craft. These kinds of resources are important for doctors who want to get over that hump of criticism proactively and ‘meet it in the air’ for a better chance of appearing authoritative and confident about the role of chiropractic care.

Using Personal Injury Telemarketing in Chiropractic Offices

Another way to get out front of criticism and new patient traffic problems is to employ the services of the Accident Referral Network. Our skilled personal injury telemarketing teams can represent your practice in a positive way, connecting auto accident victims with local, qualified providers. Let us help you get to the next level of chiropractic marketing to benefit from more new patients and visibility for your practice.


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