PI Telemarketing News: Minnesota DC & Things That Make You Go, Hmmmm…

PI Telemarketing News: Minnesota DC & Things That Make You Go, Hmmmm…

Personal Injury Telemarketing, Accident Referral NetworkWhen we’re talking about good chiropractic marketing content, we’re often talking about items that grab the attention of the reader in a natural way. This is in addition to principles like adding informative content to a site, establishing the doctor’s authority as a care-giving professional, and presenting the practice as a place where people want to go. In addition, the way that chiropractic doctors and others get the attention of a web audience is often through humor and a lighthearted take on the serious issues that people are researching.

Of course, there’s a fine line that doctors and practice administrators have to walk when they’re writing and releasing web content. Irreverence quickly becomes the kind of satire that will turn off many readers. But with that in mind, having a humorous or playful approach to communications often results in more people spending more time on the site.

Puns, Puzzles and Philosophies

In reality, humor is only one element of some of the best chiropractic blogs that help to distinguish practices from others. There is also the idea that doctors can write about the philosophies behind chiropractic care and their own personal motivations. Chiropractic is something that you could call a more ‘conceptual’ service – that is, it is based on core principles and beliefs that support the idea that spinal adjustments can be vital to overall good health.

For an excellent example of the kind of outreach that takes on these core chiropractic advertising ideas, take a look at the Vital Life Chiropractic blog in Minnesota. You’ll find both humor and insight on this blog, personally written by Dr. Barbara Kaiser and updated regularly.

The latest blog post entitled “Vagus, baby, Vagus!” comically blends the entertainment trope of Las Vegas casinos with the vagus nerve that goes from the brainstem, down the spinal cord to diverse areas of the body. Starting with humor, Dr. Kaiser then goes into the anatomical workings that are relevant to chiropractic adjustments, and talks about one of her specialties, a torque release technique that’s designed to free up nerves and muscles around the upper neck.

In a November post, Dr. Kaiser goes into some of the beliefs or principles that she finds valuable related to health and wellness. Citing renowned physicist Albert Einstein, Kaiser talks about a ‘friendly or unfriendly’ dichotomy that can also apply to good or bad health, or any other kinds of positive or negative principles.

Throughout all of this, Dr. Kaiser maintains a first-person connection with readers. This is also something critically important in maintaining a good web space for a practice. Web readers want to see that doctors are personally involved, and that they have personal insights and experiences to offer their readers. These kinds of outreach are often the basis for good visibility and word-of-mouth in a community.

Chiropractic Telemarketing and Your Practice

Doctors who need more local interest in their business can also do as many others have done before, and partner with the Accident Referral Network to get PI Telemarketing services that work. We have been able to benchmark our provision of new patient traffic to practices, and we stand behind our business model that delivers doctors another way to market in a community, in a natural and real process that doesn’t work against the business’s overall reputation. Talk to us about getting more visibility where you practice.


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