Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Seattle, Washington Chiropractic Marketing Blog

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Seattle, Washington Chiropractic Marketing Blog

Personal injury telemarketing washingtonSome chiropractic offices do better than others. Some practices seem to take on in a local community “like magic” but others struggle to get and retain clients. In some cases, the difference has to do with chiropractic marketing and how the practice represents itself in the communities that it serves.

There are a lot of different directions to take with chiropractic advertising. With that in mind, here are some of the key principles that we have recognized at the Accident Referral Network as we helps doctors put their best foot forward to attract new patients.

First, patients want information. They want to hear about common conditions and treatments, because most of those seriously reading up on these kinds of businesses have one or more existing problems. Patients also want to be able to “get a flavor” of what goes on at a local office. That means doctors who are engaged in their chiropractic marketing practices tend to do better over time.

Seattle, WA Chiropractor Blogs with “Spirit”

Doctors find a lot of different ways to make their practice blogs engaging, informative and unique. Many of the best web resources go beyond “the basics” and hammering home points on chiropractic value propositions, like the idea that better spinal care can prevent a range of maladies. It’s great to have those value propositions present, but it’s an additional bonus to have other kinds of posts that may be less actionable, but more able to present a doctor with a local presence.

Take a look at this Seattle, WA chiropractor blog at the Dynamic Chiropractic Clinic, where practice doctors talk directly to patients through a carefully maintained blog roll. Recent posts even target the idea that making blogging a regular habit can increase reader traffic: in one post, one doctor even offers a free massage for readers to hold him to his word on creating regular posts!

Other types of blog posts on the site include Seattle-specific content, like this post on “Driving in the Rain of Seattle” – here, a practice blogger broaches the subject of local roads, since many kinds of accident injuries require chiropractic care.

Along with creating a range of themes, there’s a conversation tone on this blog that can help bring in readers. In many cases, a well-working chiropractor blog or site is “more than the sum of its parts” – it’s a project that requires hard work, creativity, and a dedication to using the Internet to keep in touch with a patient base.

Using Third Party Personal Injury Telemarketing

Another way to really enhance a chiropractor’s business model is to go with a partnership with a company like the Accident Referral Network. At the ARN, we help doctors to achieve results with personal injury telemarketing campaigns that truly reach those in need of spinal care services. Take a look at how we help single practices to do better business and gain visibility within a community.


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