Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Tumwater, WA & “Memes”

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Tumwater, WA & “Memes”

arnlogo2Want an example of how online chiropractic marketing works, and how chiropractic care is promoted, in this very interesting medium? Take a look at this ‘meet the doctor’ page from Schmidt Chiropractic Creative Wellness Center in Tumwater, Washington.

This site represents the practice of Dr. Roxanne Schmidt, who provides a somewhat detailed post called ‘my chiropractic journey’ on the meet the doctor page.

The Chiropractic Chain

One thing that’s really interesting here is how Dr. Schmidt talks about her journey with chiropractic care over the course of her life, starting at 16. Apparently she was injured in gymnastics activities, with lower back pain. An orthopedic surgeon recommended extensive surgery. However, eventually, Schmidt was taken to a chiropractor.

As Dr. Schmidt recounts her story, she talks about relief from pain and symptoms, as well as how she remembers Dr. William McDonald, the chiropractor who treated her conditions.

“They took me to a chiropractor, Dr. William MacDonald who looked like Don Knotts (Sheriff Barney Fife from Mayberry).” Writes Dr. Schmidt. “I was treated by Dr. MacDonald and had immediately begun to get relief with my back and leg pain. I was also able to return to playing tennis within four weeks.”

This neat little detail, a recollection of a resemblance to a tv personality, is a nice nuance for a page that truly gets into the nuts and bolts of how chiro works and how it sustains itself as a mode of care.

This story shows a kind of “chain” – of how one chiropractor influences a patient who may turn out to be a chiropractor later in life. This idea is sometimes central in chiro messaging, because it shows a ‘sustainability’ or ‘continuum’ that can be important to readers.

“Dr. MacDonald began discussing Chiropractic philosophy in regards to my over health and well-being.” Writes Dr. Schmidt. “Everything he said made so much sense! He talked about our bodies having an innate intelligence to heal itself if there is no nerve interference and how the body heals from the inside out. Chiropractic adjustment turns on your life force. I was hooked.”

Schmidt also talks about how she pursued chiropractic education as a result of her experiences. She goes through her acquisition of a bachelor of science degree, and subsequent education at Logan College of Chiropractic in Missouri.

Helpful Details in Chiropractic Marketing

Some of what Dr. Schmidt provides is helpful because it shows her depth of experience in chiropractic science. As an aside, she also shares an interesting statistic about her family, where apparently three of eight children became chiropractors!

Personal Injury Telemarketing in the Context of Promoting Chiropractic

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Personal Injury Telemarketing Tumwater, WA

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Chiropractic Telemarketing Tumwater, WA