Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Portland, Oregon DC & Wine

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Oregon DC & Wine

arnlogo2One of the biggest tasks that professional chiropractors have in the course of their careers is how to make their offices stand out from the rest. Most American communities have choices when it comes to chiropractic treatment and consultation, and somehow, some way, doctors need to attract the interest of those local residents who are researching options for chiropractic care.

Chiro doctors do this in many different ways. Some tend to neglect powerful marketing opportunities, and do the minimum that’s needed to present themselves online and in the local community. These offices often suffer from low rates of new patient traffic. Other doctors make an effort to reach out to a wider local audience, in creative and unusual ways.

Try Wine

One thing that many professionals in medical fields and other types of careers have noted is that it’s often possible to get a person’s interest talking about food and drink. To that end, some doctors can work different kinds of culinary articles into their online blogs or other marketing resources.Typically, chiropractors talk about health foods and how to live and eat better, but that’s not the only way to use this kind of strategy in chiropractic marketing.

Here’s a very interesting and unique example of a chiropractic doctor presenting a practice in a different way. At the Hosmer Chiropractic Blog, Dr. Phil DeVasto from Portland, Oregon, includes a handy December 2013 post titled “Holiday Wine Picks:”

“So you have your holiday dinner menu set but you’re still searching for the perfect wine to impress your guests with?” writes Dr. DeVasto. “Don’t find yourself settling for some unknown bottle from Trader Joe’s, check out what I will be sharing with my friends and family this year.”

Dr. DeVasto reviews various vintages such as 2010 Grochau Cellars Pinot Noir and 2011 Buckman Wine Co. Riesling. He also covers one variety of cask-aged beer.

You might wonder why doctors try this kind of stuff. Isn’t it enough to just stick to a strictly clinical medical approach to online marketing? Well, in a lot of cases, having a broader kind of range of materials on a blog or site will help keep people entertained and engaged. It might pique the interest of a few more web readers. It can also show them that the doctor is more than just a white coat, that there are human beings running and administrating the practice and welcoming new patients in the door.

Personal Injury Telemarketing and Similar Services

Doctors can also use a range of outside services to help market a chiro office well. At the Accident Referral Network, we operate personal injury telemarketing campaigns that are customized for a particular practice. We can help you attract new patients with the kind of marketing that you want and need. Ask us about our track record of helping professional chiropractors succeed.


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