Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Federal Way, WA DC Talks ADHD

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Federal Way, WA DC Talks ADHD


In computer programming, the phrase “hello world” is emblematic of the simplest and most direct syntax example for a language. In chiropractic online marketing, it’s an example of the most direct and simple way to reach out to those who may become new patients.

Lots of doctors who look closely at this kind of marketing know that they have to appeal to a person’s sense of ‘availability’ and present themselves as being engaged in their practices and in the community. That starts with certain types of language – or if you will, syntax –that can portray doctors in specific ways.

A Friendly Hello

Take a look at this excellent example from a chiropractor in Federal Way, Washington. At the Redondo Family Chiropractic web site, one prominent post titled “How to handle ADHD” involves Dr. Andy Winger talking directly to readers.

“Hello.” writes Dr. Winger. “My name is Dr. Andy Winger, and I am one of the top chiropractors in Federal Way, WA. I can help you or your children to deal with ADHD.”

Later on, he explains himself a little:

“True, many people are skeptical that chiropractors can deal with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders. However, in my office at 28815 Pacific Highway South, 98003, I have treated successfully many patients who suffer from ADHD. While we do not treat ADHD directly, we get to the root cause of ADHD and eliminate possible causes with successful chiropractic techniques. I will work on a course of treatment that will help treat the symptoms of ADHD.”

The strategy here is twofold. First, the doctor is presenting himself almost as he would in a crowded lecture hall, with contact information and identification, along with his narrative. Secondly, he’s presenting himself as an expert on a common condition – in this case, ADHD—which he feels can be improved with chiropractic care. Chiropractic doctors often advise people to treat a wide spectrum of conditions with spinal adjustments and other chiropractic services, but too many of them make these appeals from a very anonymous and generic perspective, where the information they give can float right over the reader’s head. With the right direct language, a reader follows along, just as if the exchange were a conversation – and this can have a dramatic effect on ‘customer engagement.’

It pays to think about how an online site is representing a chiropractic office. Practices that put their online marketing on autopilot can often lose out to others in a local community, and suffer from a lack of market share in their field.

Personal Injury Telemarketing and More Outreach

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