Personal Injury Marketing News: Minnesota DC Talks About Spine Surgery

Personal Injury Marketing News: Minnesota DC Talks About Spine Surgery

Personal Injury Telemarketing, Accident Referral NetworkCreating the right kinds of chiropractic online chiropractic marketing content can be a complex job. Chiropractors want to explain to their patients what they do, and why it’s so important for the community. They want to make sure that web readers understand the value propositions behind chiropractic care.

With that in mind, for some chiropractors, spinal surgery is the ‘elephant in the room.’ Surgery, along with pharmaceutical solutions, seems like ‘the enemy’ for chiropractic doctors. Some patients set up a dichotomy between chiropractic care and these other options, a kind of black and white battle between traditional Western medicine and alternative care.

But some doctors are brave enough to discuss the issue of spinal surgery without compromising their online message. Being able to include this item in a chiropractic blog or web site may give a practice a more authoritative impression for a lot of people looking for care on the web.

Spinal Surgery Philosophies from Schotzko Chiropractic

In this blog post titled What’s the Deal with Spine Surgery? Dr. Schotzko in Woodbury, Minnesota talks about the decisions that some patients have to make about health conditions that have become debilitating.

“Patients always tell me that they want to avoid surgery at all costs, and I agree that’s a great plan.” writes Dr. Schotzko. “In order to help you achieve that at as high of a success rate as possible, you are going to be proactive with your spine and see a chiropractor.”

Many of the patients who end up getting spinal surgery, points out Dr. Schotzko, have sustained some kind of traumatic injury. Substantial trauma can actually break spinal bones or cause other kinds of sudden damage that can’t be cured with many different types of treatment alternatives. This includes impact-herniated discs and other situations where the damage happened all at once.

Dr. Schotzko also points to degenerative problems as another cause of spinal surgery cases. “One thing I find interesting is when talking to people who have had spinal surgery…most have had multiple spinal surgeries..often time on the same area.” writes Dr. Schotzko. He points out that many of these cases can be improved with medical intervention early on. That’s one of the main roles of chiropractic care, according to a lot of professional doctors. By preventing health problems from compounding themselves over time, individuals can save a lot of money and avoid the stress and strain of having to go under the knife.

Adding Multi-channel Efforts to Good Online Marketing

The best chiropractic doctors understand the kinds of conversations they should have with patients online. Still, this may not lead to the kinds of new patient traffic doctors want. In these cases, chiropractors can partner with the Accident Referral Network, a premier personal injury marketing firm. Our top-class personal injury telemarketing support service helps doctors to get what they need with qualified new patient leads that work. Chiropractors looking for a helping hand can check out how we have helped many other single practices to achieve their goals and objectives as they work hard to treat local patients.


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