Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Bend, Oregon DC’s Practice ID

Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Bend, Oregon DC’s Practice ID

Chiropractic Telemarketing OregonWhen you want to approach the idea of how professional chiropractors market their offices, there are many paths you can take. You can talk about how practice leaders choose to represent a practice, or what kinds of content they put on the site. You can talk about when this is done – ideally, regularly – and how it’s done in terms of layout, web site tools and resources, and much more.

One thing that often comes up is the need to define a practice within its online chiropractic advertising space. Some doctors and practice leaders do this better than others. While some practices provide clear doctor profiles and other top-level resources that showcase a professional service, others seem to “hide behind” generic content, where even the name of the practice is relatively hidden, and readers don’t really get clues about what goes on there.

Showcasing a Practice: Putting Chiropractic Offices First

Some of the smartest doctors know that they should put direct resources about their individual practices on top-level pages or places where readers can easily see them. Again, there are many different ways to do this.

For an example of making a practice identity prominent on a site, check out this example from the Cascade Chiropractic Center blog in Bend, Oregon. On this site, Dr. Jim Wilkens is not only profiled in a top visual representing him as a certified chiropractic sports physician, but also headlined in the top blog post, where the doctor writes directly to readers.

“Welcome to my blog which is dedicated to highlighting methods and ideas to relieve pain and symptoms, prevent disease and achieve optimal health, function and wellness without drugs or surgery…” writes Dr. Wilkens. “If living a more vibrant healthful life is one of your desires then I invite you to come along as I explore some of the more advantageous avenues available to address pain relief and disease prevention naturally.”

In several paragraphs, Dr. Wilkens explains his particular care philosophy and why he feels that Americans need chiropractic services. The doctor also addresses some of those big issues about Western medicine and pharmaceutical medicine, where chiropractic is often seen as an alternative care model. Verbalizing these things helps readers to become oriented in a particular chiropractic site, and gets them more involved in the conversation around chiropractic care.

With resources like these, and doctors prominently featured on their own sites and pages, there’s a better chance to get web readers to convert to being new patients and to choose these sorts of qualified providers when they need spinal adjustments or other chiropractic care.

Adding Personal Injury Telemarketing Services

Doctors can also take advantage of personal injury telemarketing services to provide multichannel campaigns that work. At the Accident Referral Network, the premier chiropractic telemarketing company, we partner with individual client practices to get more new patients in the door over time. Let us help you to succeed in serving a local community.


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