Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Brandon, Florida DC’s Sophisticated Venue

Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Brandon, Florida DC’s Sophisticated Venue

Personal Injury Telemarketing, Accident Referral NetworkExperts who are looking at how chiropractic doctors get ahead in marketing their services talk a lot about blogs. It’s true that the blog is a fundamental resource for most online chiropractic sites. Blog posts do what a lot of other kinds of content can’t – they inform the web reader on a regular basis, while giving site visitors diverse information about new treatments, common conditions and more, as well as other kinds of general information resources about diet, lifestyle and how a person’s holistic health relates to specific chiropractic care.

But while the blog is essential, it’s also well served when it’s linked to other kinds of resources that really show off a doctor’s experience, and how a practice works.

Elements of the Holistic Site

Many of the best chiropractic sites combine regular, actionable blog content with key visuals that are prominent on the top-level pages of the site. Adding visuals helps to orient web visitors and help them think positively about what they are researching. The text is vitally important for giving web visitors ideas and concepts they can use in research, but the visuals help to solidify the image of a practice in their minds.

For an interesting example of this kind of chiropractic advertising, take a look at the site of Dr. Jeff Langmaid who operates out of Brandon, Florida.

Site Elements

Visiting the site, you can see that practice administrators have added a top-level slideshow and video about chiropractic care, along with a regularly updated blog and other text resources that talk about chiropractic for the whole family and a wide range of treatments and conditions. Like other great chiropractic marketing venues, the site also talks about local events, such as food drives, and incorporates a seasonal tone.

In addition to all this, this site does something else as well. Dr. Langmaid’s site links to outside resources such as the local web site. Chiropractors are doing this in order to effectively “hang flyers online” in outside web venues, linking the internal site to a greater web marketing environment.

All of this adds up to an online marketing campaign that’s likely to both attract new visitors and retain the interest of those who are looking for qualified care providers in their area; in this case, Tampa Florida.

Adding Chiropractic Telemarketing

Along with creating the best online sites, doctors can also choose to think about chiropractic telemarketing and other kinds of support services that help to bring in new patients. At the Accident Referral Network, we pay attention to what works in chiropractic marketing. We assist doctors in developing their local images and getting visibility for practices in the local community. Talk to us about what’s possible with multi-channel telemarketing campaigns.


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