Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Tacoma, WA DC & Testimonials

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Tacoma, WA DC & Testimonials

arnlogo2Experts in chiropractic online marketing can tick off several fundamental marketing strategies on their two hands – patient testimonials, exposés of common conditions, holistic health resources, online lectures by doctors, video and image portrayals of a practice…

In addition to all of these, there are other creative ways to promote a chiropractic office online. One of them involves looking at who else might be an audience for chiropractors, besides patients.

At first, it can be hard to figure out who else might be interested in chiropractic care. After all, the vast majority of chiropractic patients come on their own initiative, after calling offices and, yes, looking at web sites. They often tend to pay out of pocket, because their plans will not cover these kinds of services. Chiropractors are even sometimes seen as ‘at odds’ with the greater medical community. There’s a lot of that kind of strategy on many chiro sites, which is part of why one specific super trick for marketing, mentioned below, often goes under the radar for many professionals who are trying to craft a site strategy.

But in some cases, other physicians will refer patients to chiropractors, and that’s where online marketing for chiropractic care gets interesting.

Doctor Referrals in Tacoma, Washington

At the web site of the Takoma Chiropractic Center LLC, a top site page is titled – ‘Doctor Testimonials’

Under this is a subhead titled: “Physician’s Choice for Chiropractic Care”

Below this is a testimonial by Dr. Johann Bernardo, MD, an internal medicine physician.

“Whenever my patients need chiropractic treatment, Tacoma Chiropractic Center is my first option.” writes Dr. Bernardo. “I have worked with them for many years and I have been impressed by their professionalism and skills. Most importantly, my patients are happy with the results they get from their care.”

This is just one of several doctor testimonials by OB/GYN doctors, family medicine practitioners and internal medicine specialists. These are all written from a particular medical angle, and show the role of chiro care within the context of the wider medical industry.

What does this resource do? It shows readers that the chiropractic office is an authority in its field, that it is respected by other physicians, and that it thrives on specific types of referrals. Information like this can convince readers that a practice is really a leader in what it does, and convince them to call and make an appointment.

Using Personal Injury Telemarketing Campaigns

The kinds of practices that use these sorts of online resources could also use personal injury telemarketing to reach out to more residents of the local community. These kinds of strategies could allow the practice to find more new patients and fill patient schedules over time. Talk to the Accident Referral Network about customized multichannel marketing that will work for your office.


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