Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Edgewood, WA, Professional History And More

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Edgewood, WA, Professional History And More

arnlogo2One thing that comes across when you look at all of the chiropractic web sites out there is that doctors really try to reach readers in friendly, personal ways. They do this in many different strategies and styles intended to reveal more about the doctor and his or her practice, how he or she got into chiropractic, and what may motivate him or her to continue treating patients.

These personal testimonies and histories are an interesting part of chiro marketing. They are also an effective part. Through these kinds of narratives, doctors show themselves to be “real people” involved in actual care in the community.

In Detail

Take a look at this example from Harmony Health representing the Edgewood, Washington practice of Dr. Ronald Acosta. In a long page coast, Dr. Acosta talks about his prior experience at Boeing, and how he later moved on to study human anatomy and then to chiropractic.

Dr. Acosta also goes into his own personal health history to show how chiropractic has a lot of applications to different health conditions. This is often a part of chiropractic marketing, because it shows how doctors have personally benefited from this type of treatment.

In other asides, Dr. Acosta details his first date with his wife, talks about many of his family members, and discusses a good bit of American geography to show his origins and family history, while also talking about some of his personal hobbies.

Do these in-depth resources help? We think so. As in other kinds of industries where professional expertise and bedside manner are so important, a doctor’s in-depth personal testimony on a site can make him or her more trustworthy to those web readers who are actually researching chiropractic care. To be clear, this isn’t the only way to really engage patients in a chiropractic site. Doctors really choose how much they want to reveal about themselves as a matter of building a well-crafted online marketing resource. They may choose instead to focus on one thing, such as a recent fitness effort, or the staff relationships that are evident in their practice. Many of them do talk about their families a little bit, though perhaps not quite so in-depth, and many of them also talk about their work and education histories. The work and education component is specifically important because people want to know what’s behind a person’s practice and how they got to where they are.

Adding Personal Injury Telemarketing to Well-Functioning Web Sites

As a professional chiropractor, your web site might be “the bee’s knees” but it still might not generate the kinds of new patient traffic and interest that you want. Talk to the Accident Referral Networkabout personal injury telemarketing campaigns that can boost visibility for your practice and help it stand out from the dozens of practices in most American communities.


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