Kirkland, WA Personal Injury Telemarketing News: What Everybody’s Thinking

Kirkland, WA Personal Injury Telemarketing News: What Everybody’s Thinking

arnlogo2When it comes to chiropractic marketing, especially chiropractic online marketing, blogging is a big deal. There is a reason why we talk so much about what’s in a chiropractic blog. This resource is central to the experience of those who are combing the web for local chiropractic providers and researching care for a range of conditions.

To put it simply, the blog is one of the more accessible parts of the site. A lot of us have become used to using a blog online to quickly and easily source material. Other practice pages may tend to get overlooked –for instance, many will not click on a button that says “office tour” – either because they fear being locked into a web surfing experience that takes a long time, or sophisticated video resources that don’t load well, or just because they’re looking for the blog, because that’s what they’ve been conditioned to do.

Response to Blogging Popularity

In response, doctors put a lot of thought and effort into their blogs. They create regular content that pops up with catchy titles. They create a range of content that people will want to read. Doctors who make this investment are likely to reap rewards in terms of visitors who are engaged longer on the site, and even higher rates of new patient conversion.

Right Up Front

This Kirkland chiropractic site, Eastside Spine and Wellness, puts the idea right on the page, in an initial blog post titled – “Will I become the best Kirkland chiropractic blogger?”

“So after 10 years in practice and realizing once and for all that this “internet thing” isn’t just a passing fad, I have finally given in to peer pressure and will be starting a blog!” writes the doctor. “I have quite a few friends and colleagues that began their blogs early on in practice, and it seems that many of their patients and colleagues appreciate it.  Some focus primarily on back pain and neck pain, but I am hoping to have a blog that is a little more well-rounded.”


We can surmise that this individual did not become the best Kirkland chiropractic blogger, through the lack of a lot of follow-up posts and materials. However, the question is a good one, and whether or not experts may criticize this as a type of keyword stuffing – (using the geotargeted word in combination with the phrase ‘chiropractic blogger’) – you could argue that this is a general way to take a postmodern approach toward blogging – to put the word blogging, and the image of this activity, directly into a blog post in a kind of self-referential recursive process that would please a professor of literature.

 The Role of Personal Injury Telemarketing

Unlike online marketing, personal injury telemarketing is an active process that takes place in the real world, rather than on the Internet. The Accident Referral Network can equip chiropractic offices with customized campaigns that work. Our personal injury telemarketing teams direct auto accident victims toward providers in their areas. Let us work with you to enhance traffic and get visibility for a site and practice.

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